Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning Date with the Hubs

My husband just came back from his outstation trip. So today, we went out on a Morning date. My girl's school is only until 12nn and my son's school is until 4:30 pm. So on weekdays, we can't go out for dinner dates, unless the kids go with us. But with their sleeping early, we don't go out for dinner.

My girl's school has after-school day care and so we let her stay back until 3pm.

Where did I and hubby go?

We went to Summit USJ to watch the movie Burlesque at GSC. The movie started only at 12:10 so we went for a brunch at Black Canyon Coffee.

Bought a red summer dress too. :D

Had a good date. :D

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  1. Sounds like a fund and romantic date.. Sowi about the comment section, I don't open the other option as it also allows anonymous and I have had bad experiences with it.. You can still leave comments though even if you are using WP because it is given on the opne ID, just please look for the WP icon... Thanks a lot for the visit.


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