Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning Date with the Hubs

My husband just came back from his outstation trip. So today, we went out on a Morning date. My girl's school is only until 12nn and my son's school is until 4:30 pm. So on weekdays, we can't go out for dinner dates, unless the kids go with us. But with their sleeping early, we don't go out for dinner.

My girl's school has after-school day care and so we let her stay back until 3pm.

Where did I and hubby go?

We went to Summit USJ to watch the movie Burlesque at GSC. The movie started only at 12:10 so we went for a brunch at Black Canyon Coffee.

Bought a red summer dress too. :D

Had a good date. :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Missed Church

We missed church today. My bad. I woke up late.

My husband had to wake up early because he needed to go to church to teach at a Sunday school. I was still sleeping when he left. Blame it on the 2:00am busy-ness online.

Next Saturday, I won't do it again. I would sleep early so I and the kids won't miss the church.

I am glad my kids have Children church on Saturdays. At least they get to fellowship with other kids even if we miss church on Sunday.

But I don't wanna miss church all the time.

So no online chat for me on late Saturday nights.

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